NZHIT CEO urges members to engage, commit and contribute in crafting the future of healthcare

On the evening of Wednesday 16th of October 2019 NZHIT held its third annual member’s event at the Grand Hall in the Parliament Building in Wellington.

More than 80 members and stakeholders enjoyed the opportunity to meet, network and listen to a number of keynote speakers with presentations linked to the event’s theme of “Mental Health and Wellbeing Enabled by Digital Technology”.

The host for this event was Louisa Wall who is the MP for Manurewa and Chair of the Health Select Committee.  This is the second time that Louisa has hosted NZHIT members at the Grand Hall. She gave everyone a warm welcome to commence the evening’s formal speeches by Robyn Shearer (DDG Mental Health & Addiction, MOH), Tane Cassidy (CEO, Health Promotion Agency), Anil Thapliyal (Adjunct Professor eMental Health Lead, Faculty of Health & Environmental Sciences, AUT and CEO, HealthTRx) and Darren Douglass, Group Manager Digital Strategy & Investment, MOH.

In his introduction speech to attendees, Scott Arrol (CEO, NZHIT) emphasised the need for a cross-sector and systems approach where collaboraction, partnerships and operating within a fair and competitive marketplace is essential. Scott sees considerable change occurring in the sector over the coming 5 years that will present a number of opportunities and risks to everyone in the room.  

Scott warned about this future having some burning platforms that NZHIT will be working hard on members behalf to make sure they can make decisions that will see them survive and thrive.

In this regard, Scott announced the commencement of the process for creating a New Zealand Health Opportunities Study that will provide the sector with an industry developed report.  The aim of this report is to unify the voice of NZHIT members particularly in highlighting those areas where digital technology can fully enable world class health and wellbeing and the barriers preventing full enablement to occur.  

Scott urged members to engage, commit and contribute in using their membership to be involved in crafting the future, take advantage of the opportunities provided by NZHIT and be proactive rather than reactive.

Scott’s full speech can be accessed from the NZHIT website here and please contact NZHIT if you have any queries regarding activities, events, membership and the opportunities study.

(Scott Arrol’s opening speech at the NZHIT event held in the Grand Hall, Parliament Buildings),




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