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Nominations are now open for NZHIT members who wish to put themselves forward for election to the NZHIT Board of Directors.  There are 6 elected Board members who each serve a two-year term with fifty percent having their term falling due at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) each year.

Hence, there are 3 positions becoming vacant as at the AGM on the 21st  of November 2019.  The three current elected Board members who will be completing their two-year terms are – Ross Peat (HealthSoft), Stephen Vlok (Celo) and Russell Craig (Microsoft NZ).  All three are eligible to put themselves forward for nomination again.

The remaining three elected Board members having a further 12-months of their two-year term (fall due as at the AGM in 2020) are – Kate Reid (Deloitte NZ), Kate Rhind (Healthpoint) and Harry Hawke (Webtools Health).

A copy of the nomination form can be downloaded from the NZHIT website here or contact Anna on [email protected] for the form to be sent to you. Nominations must be received no later than 5.00pm on Wednesday 16th of October. To be eligible for nomination each person must be an employee or agent of a member entity (an organisation or individual that meets NZHIT membership criteria) and must be authorised by that member entity to put themselves forward for nomination.  The election timelines and criteria for nomination are contained in the nomination form.

NZHIT has a Board Diversity Policy recognising that diversity has a positive impact on decision-making processes and the overall performance at the board level, which flows through to the competitive advantage and performance of the organisation.  A copy of the NZHIT Board Diversity Policy can be viewed and downloaded here.

The NZHIT Board carries out the governance duties of the organisation on behalf of the membership and, as such, represents the members across the health and disabilities sector as well as other related areas such as social welfare, export, trade, innovation and economic development.  

Board members need to have an interest in, and understanding of, the health IT sector and a desire to contribute to the advancement of healthcare and social services in New Zealand.  The Board role is undertaken on a voluntary basis and Board members are expected to make themselves available for a minimum of 6 in-person meetings per annum (held in New Zealand) and additional meetings as required (generally audio or video-conference).

An electronic voting process will be undertaken from the 22nd of October to the 8th of November 2019.  The three successful nominees will be announced at the AGM on the 20th of November 2019.  Each member entity has one vote that is cast by their appointed representative (generally referred to as the ‘key contact’). The successful candidates will be appointed on the basis of obtaining the largest number of votes polled.

Please contact Scott Arrol, NZHIT CEO - +64 21 414631 or – if you’d like to discuss this further.



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