NZ ‘unicorns’ create more than $34 billion in value

First published by Callaghan Innovation

Fifteen years after one of NZ’s largest tech companies was sold to a US buyer for around $100 million, Kiwi entrepreneurs have created at least nine businesses worth more $1 billion each.

That’s the revelation in a new report from New Zealand’s innovation agency, Callaghan Innovation.

The roll-call includes some of our most innovative businesses, such as A2 Milk, Xero, LanzaTech and Rocket Lab, as well as some that are less well-known.

The report, Growing The Pie, estimates these NZ ‘unicorns’ have between them created more than $34 billion in value. However, their total value to New Zealand is much greater than that because of their contribution to other start-ups, and to philanthropic causes, says Callaghan Innovation CEO Vic Crone.

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This article was published on 8 April 2019



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