Nuance Announces Free COVID-19 Documentation Templates

Nuance Announces Free COVID-19 Documentation Templates for all Dragon Medical Users and Mobile Solutions for Care Teams. Solution developed in response to health system requests to help doctors and nurses in these challenging times.

SYDNEY, Australia, April 7, 2020: Nuance® Communications, Inc. today announced immediate availability of the free COVID-19 Templates for all Nuance Dragon® Medical users in Australia and New Zealand.

Developed by and for clinicians, the electronic medical record (EMR)-agnostic COVID-19 Templates adopt clinical content to provide structured templates to support clinicians with their documentation process. Nuance is also supporting its customers with other services to support growing patient volumes, telehealth visits, and remote-work initiatives in response to the pandemic.

The easy-to-use COVID-19 templates boost clinician efficiency and help ensure the capture of crucial datapoints for COVID-19 patients. Rather than require clinicians to repeatedly enter data for each case, the COVID-19 templates allow them to enter key information to accurately and quickly capture patient acuity, complexity of symptoms, and risk of mortality.

“To address increased intensity and operational stress that these difficult times are placing on care teams, we have taken steps to simplify COVID-19-related patient documentation with the development of free COVID-19 Content Packs.

The COVID-19 Content Packs include training videos and templates for our Dragon Medical solutions that ease the burdens of COVID-19-related documentation,” said Dr. Simon Wallace, Chief Clinical Information Officer at Nuance Communications.  

“These unprecedented circumstances call on everybody to contribute their strengths and expertise to help overcome the challenges,” added Joe Petro, CTO at Nuance Communications.

“We are able to step up immediately because of our healthcare domain knowledge and deep experience in understanding and creating solutions for the very complex problems our customers face. It’s a continuous process of listening and innovating that takes on even greater meaning and importance in times like these.”

The COVID-19 Content Pack for Dragon Medical is one of multiple steps Nuance is taking to help healthcare systems address the increased intensity and operational stress that COVID-19 is placing on care teams.

The COVID-19 Content Pack is immediately available for more than 500,000 Dragon Medical users around the world, including Dragon Medical One, Dragon Medical Network Edition, and Dragon Medical Practice Edition users in Australia and New Zealand.

To learn more or to access any of these solutions, click here for Australia and for New Zealand.

Source: Nuance media release, 7 April 2020



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