Member News: The Clinician partners with Health AnalytiKa for commercial expansion into North America and the Middle East.

AUCKLAND, New Zealand - 19 November, 2021 - The Clinician, a global digital health leader redefining how healthcare is measured and delivered, has announced a partnership with Health AnalytiKa, a healthcare advisory firm based in North Carolina, USA, to act as a commercial arm for business development in the USA, Canada and the United Arab Emirates.

This partnership will allow for geographical expansion of The Clinician’s digital health solutions into markets that are increasingly focused on value-based healthcare and digital health transformation.

“We are looking forward to working with an experienced US-based healthcare advisory firm, Health AnalytiKa, to help us reach new audiences that will benefit from more streamlined management of patient-generated health data and the digitalization of care pathways” said Ron Tenenbaum, CEO of The Clinician

“As healthcare systems move away from transactional models, it’s critical that the right technologies are available to facilitate outcomes-driven and value-driven care. We believe The Clinician’s digital health platform, ZEDOC, has an important role to play in enabling that transition, which is why we are looking forward to supporting their commercial expansion into North America and the UAE.” - Mounir Khouy, Managing Partner, CVO, Health AnalytiKa

About The Clinician

The Clinician is a digital health leader, redefining how healthcare is measured and delivered. Our cloud-based platform, ZEDOC, enables healthcare providers to manage patient-reported health data outside traditional clinical settings and transform slow, inefficient care processes through digitalisation. Tightly integrated with health information systems, ZEDOC supports timely exchange of health data and information between providers and patients, including subjective patient-reported measures (PROMs and PREMs), objective wearable / device data, and important communication or educational materials. By streamlining the digital collection of critical health data and delivery of rich educational content, ZEDOC gives healthcare providers and patients real-time, actionable information to improve health outcomes and experiences while reducing waste and inefficiencies.



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