Member News: Cabrini Health and The Alfred partner with The Clinician to deploy a cloud-based patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) program in colorectal cancer

MELBOURNE, Australia — November 11, 2021 — Cabrini Health and The Alfred, two leading hospitals in Melbourne, Australia, have deployed the cloud-based ZEDOC platform by The Clinician to automate collection and analysis of PROMs from all colorectal neoplasia patients undergoing surgical treatment.

The cloud-based PROMs program, led by Professor Paul McMurrick at Cabrini Health and Mr Peter Carneat The Alfred, is aimed at understanding both the health-related impact of colorectal cancer treatment on quality of life, symptom and functional outcomes, as well as supporting clinical teams to deliver more personalised, effective care.

“This Victorian-first program will give colorectal cancer patients a voice and this will allow us to improve their health-related outcomes through improved symptom monitoring and enhanced patient-clinician communication.” said Professor Paul McMurrick.

Project Coordinator, Dr Christine Koulis, is leading the roll-out of this important program utilising the colorectal cancer standard set outlined by the International Consortium of Health Outcomes Measurement (ICHOM), which incorporates health domains that matter most to patients. This program, funded by a Collie Foundation grant and Let’s Beat Bowel Cancer, a not-for-profit Cabrini initiative, will allow colorectal cancer patients to report their health-related outcomes on their own mobile devices or computers using the cloud-based ZEDOC platform.

Individual and population PROMs data is fed back to a centralised portal, which clinical teams can access to monitor the progress of patients and understand their unique health profile, including health-related quality of life, symptom burden and functional outcomes.

By streamlining the collection and analysis of these patient-centric outcomes from all patients, this program aims to reduce the administrative burden associated with managing PROMs data, improve patient care by enhancing patient-clinician communication, improve clinical decision making and symptom monitoring, and ultimately improve survival for colorectal cancer patients.

In addition, PROMs data will also be utilised to understand the value of healthcare services delivered to colorectal cancer patients.

“Our role is to make it much easier for the patient voice to be brought into the care journey and ensure that the clinical teams at Cabrini Health and The Alfred have actionable, up-to-date information to improve care from the patient’s perspective” says Jack Leggat from The Clinician, “having worked closely alongside the operational and clinical teams to configure our ZEDOC platform for this project, it is very rewarding to see digital collection and analysis of PROMs being integrated into routine clinical care”.

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