Medi-Map launches its first integration platform

Medication management company Medi-Map has launched a new Integration Platform, which will allow aged care providers to better access data and enable it to be used more effectively to model patient care.

Medi-Map, which allows staff to safely and accurately manage medication needs, has connected its first clients to the new service – BaptistCare NSW/ACT – allowing the organisation to now receive live data feeds.

Medi-Map Chief Executive Greg Garratt said Medi-Map was the only medication management solution to offer live data feeds in Australia.

Greg Garratt - Medi-Map CEO

“It is a very exciting time for the company as the integration platform is a truly unique offering that Medi-Map can provide,” Mr Garratt said.

“Giving organisations access to their data in a safe, secure way and in a format they can use is a quantum step forward. It is our hope the learnings from this data will support better medication management and outcomes for all people in care.”

Medi-Map’s company ethos is to be an interoperable medication management solution, which integrates with other software solutions across the health sector.

The launch of the integration platform enables this in a structured way via the use of FIHR and SNOMED concepts as per the requirements set by the Australian Digital Health Agency.

The integration platform has been developed to facilitate interoperability with Client Care solutions, Practice Management software and pharmacy packing systems, which will enable a complete end-to-end solution.

Organisations can access to their own data to run analytics, BI tools, create live dashboarding and tailored reporting in addition to the usual Medi-Map reports.

BaptistCare Chief Information Officer Daniel Pettman said the integration platform would be extremely beneficial to his organisation’s operations.

“Having access to the Medi-Map integration platform with its well-defined standards and structure for medication has enabled BaptistCare to have a clear understanding of medications for our residents and the relationships of medications to the different aspects of care we provide,” Mr Pettman said.



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