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Making the health experience better for all is the driving force behind Christchurch-based Aceso Health. This overarching philosophy made the chance to join Medtech’s new Partnership Programme a perfect fit.

Aceso Health was started in 2018 and is named after Akeso, the Greek goddess of healing and curing. The group has offices in New Zealand, Australia and Singapore.

Marketing manager Bindy Williams says joining the new programme was an easy decision to make.

“It means everyone is now working together to improve the user and patient experience. This will mean an improvement in the health outcomes of patients, which is the ultimate goal,” she says.

“It’s going to open a lot of doors and everybody will be better off. Efficiency and security will improve and it’s exciting to see what new models of care will emerge.”

The new Partnership Programme, which allows authorised thirdparty apps to securely integrate through FHIR APIs into Medtech 32 and Medtech Evolution software, is slated to revitalise the primary care sector.

Medtech is leveraging Microsoft’s existing Azure FHIR software to enable the integration. The initiative known as ALEX (Application Layer EXchange) is being driven by Medtech’s new CEO and Managing Director, Dr Geoffrey Sayer.

“We want interoperability and for data to be shared to improve the patient experience and the health system, and that’s what Medtech is allowing to happen,” Bindy says.

“We are really aligned with what Medtech is doing and it will raise the bar regarding what software and tools are available for users and patients.”

Aceso’s cloud-based products taking off

Aceso Health’s cloud-based products, including its centralised operating system called Pinga, online booking and patient engagement platform for radiology clinics, called Snapscan, and its Virtual Health consultation service, are proving to be popular.

“Pinga offers modular solutions to challenges that healthcare providers face. It integrates into their existing system and offers seamless technology that gives them the tools to function without all the paperwork and hassle,” Bindy says.

In 2020, Aceso Health also rolled out the country’s largest primary healthcare network Tamaki Health’s bespoke virtual health consultation platform, Bettr.

Bindy says Aceso’s branded Virtual Health consultation service really took off following the COVID-19 outbreak.

“The pandemic really sped up the development of these types of solutions. You need to be able to work remotely and you need to be able to do things online. New Zealand needed a kick up the backside in this area and we got it.”

“We are excited to be working with companies like Aceso who bring international experience and capabilities to the local scene so that New Zealanders benefit from best in world offerings.” stated Dr Sayer.

Source: Aceso Health media release, 28 January 2021




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