Loffty launches online mental health assessment to ease pressure on GPs

Loffty has launched its comprehensive online mental health assessment tool for struggling Kiwis who want to work with their GP to improve their mental health and wellbeing. 

“With one in five affected by mental illness, and mental distress increasing due to Covid-19, it’s really important for Kiwis to book a mental health check-up with their GP”, said CEO, Marshall Couper. “But 10 minute long consultations are not enough for a GP to get the full picture of a person’s mental health. Compared with a physical check-up, mental health requires more time.”

 Loffty solves GPs time challenges by enabling patients to complete their comprehensive Loffty assessments online, in their own time, anywhere. A report goes to the GP who now has much more information and visibility on a person’s mental health to make a more informed diagnosis and treatment plan. As well as enabling people to start their own assessments at Loffty.com, GPs can also refer their patients to Loffty by sending them a link. 

Unlike single-disorder tests traditionally used to assess, for example, just depression or just anxiety, Loffty is a multi-disorder assessment covering 30 of the most common mental health disorders. These include major depression, generalised anxiety, bipolar, post-traumatic stress (PTSD), postnatal depression, alcohol dependence and abuse, adult ADHD, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), eating disorders, phobias and more.

Loffty advisor, Professor Luke Larkin, also a globally recognised suicide prevention and public health expert says, “True wellbeing starts with awareness, so it is vitally important we don’t just assess for depression when mental health is far more complex than that. Just asking ‘Am I depressed?’ is not enough. Loffty is a paradigm changing aid that gives voice to the silent suffering of our patients and GPs the ability to hear that voice.” 

Loffty has been used successfully for over 10 years by GPs in Australia where it is accepted as a decision support tool for GP Medicare rebate purposes. 

Chris Mulroney, Clinical Director at One Point Medical, a GP practice in Melbourne, explains, “Loffty gives me a comprehensive view of what is affecting my patients’ state of mind in an easily digestible format that I can review in 30 seconds before the consultation. I then ask follow-up questions and make a formal diagnosis. Loffty is especially useful during these Covid-challenged times when I have a waiting list of patients. It’s also the perfect companion to my telehealth consultations.”

Feedback from Australian customers shows that Loffty has transformed lives. The team at Loffty is looking forward to seeing Kiwis working with their GPs more effectively to achieve similar outcomes.

CEO, Marshall Couper, spoke with Duncan Garner

Our CEO, Marshall Couper, spoke with Duncan Garner on The AM Show this morning about how you can now get a mental-health check-up with your GP using Loffty for better results.

You can watch Marshall’s interview with Duncan here on the Newshub website.

After completing your assessment at Loffty.com, your GP will receive a comprehensive report, enabling them to make a better informed diagnosis. You book an appointment with them (as usual) to discuss your report either in person or by telehealth if your GP offers this service. Your GP will set up a mental health treatment plan for you, if required.

Loffty is just $19 until 31 October 2020. GPs can refer patients and review Loffty reports for free. Loffty reports are sent to GPs directly. The Loffty directory includes GPs Nationwide.



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