Health Promotion Agency: Kuīni chatbot to launch on Monday 18 October

Te Hiringa Hauora | Health Promotion Agency is excited to let you know about the launch of Kuīni

Kuīni is a chatbot that has been created as a digital support tool to help people, particularly young wāhine Māori aged 18 to 34, to be more successful in their attempts to quit smoking. Kuīni is delivered through Facebook messenger and has been designed to send daily messages, distractions and encouragements to help users on their quitting journey over a 30 day period.

Features of Kuīni include tips and facts for quitting, a smoking cost calculator, quizzes, 101 things to do (other than smoking) and craving countdown videos.

The initial digital marketing campaign will be live from Monday 18 October to Friday 26 November. The results from this will inform the second round of marketing activity, which is most likely to go live in early 2022.

As chatbots are relatively new across the international stop smoking system, we will be actively asking participants for feedback so we can asses its impact and relevance for Aotearoa New Zealand. More information can be found on the QuitStrong website, or you can try Kuīni out for yourself here.

The development of Kuīni has been a collaborative effort involving a range of passionate contributors and supporters, including wāhine Māori. Te Hiringa Hauora would like to thank and acknowledge all of those who have their contributed to this project.

We encourage you to share Kuīni with your communities and through your channels. Feel free to get in touch at



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Liam McLeavey

Operations Manager

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