Intrahealth announces integrated Telemedicine



Intrahealth announces integrated Telemedicine as part of Intrahealth Virtual Care

Intrahealth adds a fully integrated telemedicine module for its customers as part of its Virtual Care initiative, ensuring safe, secure telemedicine within established clinical and organisational workflows.

In response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, Intrahealth Systems Limited discarded its technology Roadmap to focus on developing software solutions for its customers and their patients to stay safe and secure while maintaining efficiencies.

Covid-19 has increased the health risk to care professionals, support staff, patients and their care teams. Clinicians have been forced to implement off-the-shelf, non-integrated and possibly insecure solutions. Intrahealth was not satisfied with the separation of the Electronic Healthcare Systems (EHCR) and telemedicine solutions that clinicians were using.  

Therefore, it implemented its own “Virtual Care solutions” so that clinicians can have a wholly integrated video experience into existing workflows, with full knowledge of how patient health information moves and is stored.

“It is important that clinicians can function as they always have, without the burden of multiple systems” commented Dr Mark Matthews, CEO of Intrahealth. “The administrative and clinical activities within the application should remain unchanged, whether the patient is in the room, or on a screen.”

Intrahealth’s customers will only notice small changes in the software but significant gains in supporting efficient care delivery through its Virtual Care solution. For instance, when a “virtual” appointment is booked, an appointment date and time link is sent automatically to the patient by email or SMS, with a customised message from the organisation.

Intrahealth has taken patient needs into account, ensuring an easy to use single click on the link (with no downloads and add-ins).  On entry to the virtual waiting room, they see the branding of their Health Organisations and a predicted wait time.

The Organisation’s clinical software automatically updates that the patient is waiting, intermingled with on-site patients.  On starting the consultation, the video consultation is automatically initiated.  Chat and documents (such as prescriptions or investigations) can be exchanged securely.

Intrahealth’s telemedicine platform is open, allowing other Clinical Software Vendors to incorporate it into their platforms and Patient Portals.

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Intrahealth is a developer and vendor of Electronic Administrative and Clinical Healthcare software.  Founded in New Zealand in the 1990s, it has subsidiaries in Australia, Canada and Europe. With customers ranging from thousands of users to solo clinicians, it has a track record of flexibility and robust scalability with a comprehensive offering.

Contact: Craig Longstaff General Manager – Asia Pacific

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