indici GP System and RxOne Pharmacy System collaborate for Signature Exempt Prescriptions

Valentia Technologies (developer of indici medical system for general practice) and RxOne Technologies (developer of RxOne pharmacy system) have integrated their respective systems to enable seamless and non-contact e-prescribing and dispensing between GPs and pharmacists in real-time. 

The two partners have accelerated their technology development and collaboration in order to better manage and mitigate the COVID-19 risks for primary healthcare professionals in New Zealand. The enabling of Signature Exempt Prescriptions significantly streamlines the prescription and dispensing experience for health professionals and their patients while concurrently reducing human touch points in the process. 

This Signature Exempt Prescriptions collaboration complements the previously announced sharing of doctor’s clinical notes from the indici GP system through the RxOne dispensing system. 

Margie Peat, Managing Director of RxOne Technologies stated: “We’re passionate about providing pharmacists with excellent tools and information in order to better serve their patients and their communities. This announcement further contributes to our sector collaboration and to our investment in new, agile technologies to support rapid development and innovation. It enables the dispensing of medicines by pharmacies running RxOne to be faster, more efficient and safer as they serve their patients”.


Dr Ahmed Javad, President Technical Services of Valentia Technologies, stated: “We are delighted that our cloud-based indiciPMS is now enabling this Signature Exempt Prescription capability for our GP practice customers. Doctors have been demanding this capability and, in this new age of virtual doctor consultation, we’re very pleased to now activate this capability to deliver a more convenient experiences for both doctors and their patients.”

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