indici and RxOne collaborate for enhanced prescribing and dispensing

Valentia Technologies (developer of indiciPMS for general practice) and RxOne Technologies (developer of RxOne pharmacy system) have integrated their respective systems to enable enhanced e-prescribing and dispensing between GP’s and pharmacists in real-time.

Using FHIR-based API’s, indici and RxOne now enable pharmacists to view patient clinical notes in indici PMS when dispensing.  Additionally, ahead of prescribing, GP’s can consult with pharmacists in relation to medication management options, and pharmacists can contribute to clinical notes in indici. GPs and pharmacists can also exchange secure messages within a patient context without having to make phone calls. 

Margie Peat, Managing Director of RxOne Technologies stated: “We’re passionate about providing pharmacists with excellent tools and information in order to better serve their patients. There has been a long-standing demand by pharmacists to access clinical notes in general practices for safer dispensing and also to assist pharmacists to brief patients about their medications and management of their conditions.

This was not easily achieved in the past due to the architectural limitations and poor interoperability features of PMS systems. However, by leveraging cloud architecture and industry standard FHIR-based API’s, RxOne and indici now enable real-time collaboration and communication between GPs and pharmacists for enhanced prescribing and dispensing and improved clinical management of patients”.

 Dr Ahmed Javad, President Technical Services of Valentia Technologies, stated: We are delighted that our cloud-based indici PMS is enabling new models of patient care and collaboration between users of RxOne and indici PMS. To facilitate further adoption by pharmacists, pharmacies using alternative dispensing systems will be able to utilise equivalent functionality by participating in the indici Pharmacy Connect Cloud program. 



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