Hospital roster company Core Schedule launches Core Compliance tool.



Hospital roster company Core Schedule launches Core Compliance tool.


Building a safe roster that complies with Schedule 10 and other MECAs can be a significant challenge when rostering hospital staff. The CEO of Core Schedule Dr. Stephen Pool and his team have developed Core Compliance, which is the latest feature of Core Schedule, a nimble and adaptive roster system used to build and manage hospital rosters. Now with the push of a button, a roster can be thoroughly analysed. All violations are instantly identified and an overall ‘Safety Score’ is assigned.


“Hospital rosters are complex and require a specialist approach to meet the needs of all stakeholders,” Stephen says. “Everyone from the Board down needs to be confident that all staff are working safely and minimising risk. We wanted to develop a system that is affordable and easy to use, can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each unit, and reduces the time and stress needed to build and manage safe rosters.”


Core Schedule is based in Wellington and started with an Emergency Department focus, which has since grown to include whole hospitals and health systems across all disciplines, including doctors, nurses, and allied health.


“Although the Core Compliance feature was built to address the challenges here in NZ, there has been a fantastic response and interest from our customers in Australia, which is our fastest growing market,” Stephen says.


“For too long hospitals have relied on antiquated and inappropriate tools like Excel, Google sheets, and the clunky generic roster bundled up with a payroll system,” Stephen says. “As health professionals we are asked to deliver sophisticated health solutions to our patients with complex needs, but at the same time we are effectively asked to use crayons and index cards to run the roster.”


Delivering the best possible roster that is safe, accessible, auditable and accurate is where Core Schedule comes in. When you add the assurance, confidence, and transparency of Core Compliance, it makes a phenomenal difference to everybody from the Chief Executive through to the front line staff in every department.”


For more information contact:

Core Schedule                                                           

Stephen Pool, CEO:            +6427 529 1224                  [email protected]

Vaughan Meneses, BDM:  +64 27 265 0210                  [email protected]



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