HealthLink and Konnect NET together under one roof

 26 February 2020 

Auckland-headquartered healthcare technology companies HealthLink and Konnect NET have come together this week not just in spirit, but also in person. 

Konnect NET staff moved from their Freemans Bay office into HealthLink’s current premises in Newmarket, Auckland, bringing the two companies together under one roof.  However, there will be no change to current products, services or support for HealthLink and Konnect NET customers. 

HealthLink and Konnect NET merged at the end of last year to form Clanwilliam Health. Both companies have been part of the Dublin-headquartered Clanwilliam Group family of businesses since 2017 and 2018 respectively.  

Clanwilliam Health is the anchor for Clanwilliam Group’s continued growth, investment and innovation in the Asia-Pacific healthcare technology markets. Clanwilliam Health CEO Michelle Creighton says she’s excited to have the combined strength of the HealthLink and Konnect NET teams under one roof.

 “The merge has felt natural. Our shared values and vision have made for a perfect culture fit. The integration has been seamlessso it’s simply business as usual on all fronts,” she says. “HealthLink and Konnect NET together are financially stronger and more diversified, which means even more value forpatients and healthcare providers.” 

New Clanwilliam Health website 

A new Clanwilliam Health website has also been launched this week. It has a central landing page from where customers can access the individual HealthLink and Konnect NET websites, both of which remain unchanged. There are plans to eventually bring them together into a more fully integrated website. 

“The new website showcases our portfolio of technology solutions across the health sector,” Mrs Creighton says. “Together with our offices in Sydney and Townsville in Australia, we’re well placed to give our customers the support they need.” 

Visit the new Clanwilliam Health website at



The market leading healthcare system integrator in Australia and New Zealand. Nearly all secure clinical communications across the New Zealand healthcare

system are carried via HealthLink and it’s the largest provider of secure clinical messaging services in Australia. 


Konnect NET was established in 2008 and its SureMed product is used by major New Zealand insurers to manage health information requests for underwriting and claims. Konnect NET has a growing presence in the Hong Kong market.


For more information please contact:

Maggie McNaughton Clanwilliam Health publicist

021 613198




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