Cemplicity Case Study "GETTING PATIENT FEEDBACK IN REAL-TIME" New Zealand Artificial Limb Service journey to providing a patient-centered healthservice

The New Zealand Artificial Limb Service (NZALS) provides a critical health service to enable people with artificial limbs to live independent and productive lives. They care for over 4,400 people through five city-based Limb Centres and 14 regional clinics throughout New Zealand.

Their vision is to offer a whole-of-life, worldclass service. Crucial to achieving this vision is the recognition that every patient is different. People don’t walk in and take a new limb off the shelf; each new limb is made for each person individually. What’s more, enabling a person to live a good life with an artificial limb is about much more than the limb itself. The different physical and emotional needs of each patient must become part of the service, and this requires the very best, systematic approach to patient-centred practices, including how patient feedback is gathered.

Before approaching Cemplicity, NZALS would survey patients annually, who were asked to rate their overall satisfaction with NZALS. The results were always extremely positive, but the approach had its limitations.

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