First Delphic V10 site goes live in August

DelphicV10 is now live across Counties Manukau and Waitemata District Health Boards in the Middlemore, Waitakere, and North Shore hospital laboratories. Installed on a central server, Delphic operates as a multi-lab environment allowing the laboratories to all run off a single instance of the LIS.


This was the first upgrade to Delphic V10 and Sysmex New Zealand is pleased to report that it went extremely well with positive feedback from all involved – healthAlliance, Waitemata DHB and Counties Manukau DHB.


The upbeat response from Waitemata and Counties Manukau is even more pleasing since the upgrade involved both DHBs jumping several software updates to reach version 10.


"Being the last Sysmex customer on V8.5 meant leap frogging V9 to get V10 which obviously carried more risk. However, there were no major issues on go-live day and the transition toV10 on the shop floor was stress free for lab staff,” stated Counties Manukau Lab IT Manager David Bunkall. “I believe the use of software releases, rather than multiple individual DCF fixes, was a contributing factor to the success of the V10 upgrade."


Sysmex New Zealand Project Manager, Kathryn Hawthorne, said the feedback from Waitemata and Counties Manukau is really satisfying as a large amount of time has been invested in improving the LIS upgrade process and this is proof that it was a sound investment.


“With the Delphic V10 implementation projects Sysmex New Zealand has focused on mitigating the key risks and on improving the customer experience. We implemented a new software build process with the release of V10 that improves the quality and transition experience for Delphic LIS sites”.


Kathryn also highlighted how the team worked alongside healthAlliance and the DHBs to maintain connectivity to analysers and third-party systems in order to minimise downtime for the laboratory on go-live day.


“From experience we know that a possible problem area during cut over to production can be caused by firewall issues impeding connectivity to analysers and third-party systems. Prior to the go-live we worked with healthAlliance, Counties Manukau and Waitemata to confirm connectivity within the production environment. Both the new software build process and ensuring minimal downtime contributed significantly to a smooth go live day.”


Following on from the success of the first Delphic V10 installation, the Sysmex New Zealand team have been hard at work preparing for further V10 upgrade projects.



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