Eightwire becomes the trusted data sharing partner for the N4 Network

Eightwire has a history of providing data sharing technology to the healthcare sector in both New Zealand and Australia.


They now deliver data sharing capability to the four New Zealand PHOs who make up the N4 network: Pinnacle Group, Tu Ora Compass Health, ProCare Health Limited and Pegasus Health, to support their work with the national Home Care Health Collaborative. 

Eightwire’s automated data exchange exceeds government security standards for security and privacy, meeting security certification for SENSITIVE data. 

Eightwire’s built in simplicity and security features have enabled it to grow quickly in the healthcare sector. Key use cases in healthcare include primary care analytics, compliance reporting between agencies and providers, and secure data exchange between NGOs and agencies. In New Zealand, Eightwire has built a network of PHOs, DHBs, GPs and Agencies that covers over 2 million Kiwi patients. 

The benefit in sharing data between thousands of healthcare professionals is obvious, whether you’re a GP, specialist, hospital department or healthcare funder. Eightwire delivers digital transformation and data insights without adding more reporting demands to the workload of busy healthcare professionals. Over the last 3 years, Eightwire has securely moved over 36 billion records across healthcare, social services, and law enforcement agencies and NGOs. 

Click here to find out more information about Eightwire’s automated data exchange.

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