Core Schedule Activates Core Contingency for all New Zealand Customers for Nursing Strike Rostering

7 July, Wellington, New Zealand
The New Zealand Nurses Association just announced a series of 3 nursing strikes over the next 8 weeks. Doctors are having to quickly formulate contingency rosters to safely cover the hospital on these days. Core Schedule yesterday announced its Core Contingency module is being activated for all New Zealand customers immediately at no additional cost.
Core Schedule will be proactively reaching out to all customers to ensure they are aware of the new features and provide any assistance necessary.
The Core Contingency module is an add-on system to facilitate development of multiple parallel contingency schedules ahead of time that can be deployed on demand. These alternative schedules make full use of Core Schedule’s schedule development tools, including Safety Scan rules to ensure shift placement abides by predefined rules and scaling tools to quickly add or remove shifts from the schedule. The alternative schedules can be developed ahead of time, and, when necessary, be brought forward and deployed.
This used to mean several hours of using multiple excel files to make and store the contingency rosters, which would then have to be entered manually into your roster program.
Being able to plan and manage several different versions of the same roster within Core Schedule saves days of work in contingency planning and allows for instant activation of a plan only if and when it is needed.
“During the last strike this feature saved me several hours of work as I hot-swapped the strike roster into place with the click of a single button and easily verified the safety scan.” says CEO and Founder of Core Schedule, Dr. Stephen C. Pool, MD FACEM, Emergency Medicine Specialist, Wellington Hospital
Core Contingency Features:
● Make and save multiple versions of the same roster
● Hot swap a contingency roster making it live
● Make copies of schedules that can serve as templates
● Analyze cost in terms of FTE changes across different versions
● Prepare disaster contingencies in advance

About Core Schedule:
Core Schedule is the leading provider of a suite of cloud-based work roster tools for staff in emergency departments, hospitals, medical training programs, and urgent care clinics. It was designed by Dr. Stephen C. Pool, MD FACEM to solve the unique problems of rostering medical personnel, and now is used by hospitals, telehealth services, and clinics around the world.  
For immediate response contact us:
Our customers can contact [email protected] if they require any more information or support. For all other enquiries please contact our NZ Partner Manager - Jodie Kirkwood on +64 22 456 3435 or  [email protected]



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