Core Allocation – Safer More Efficient Jr. Doctor Rosters for Lakes District

Wellington, New Zealand

The Lakes District Health Board have selected Core Schedule to supply a specialised rostering and allocation module for the upcoming 2022 cycle of Registered Medical Officers(RMO). The module will support their RMO unit, with the ability to improve tracking of their junior doctors across rotations throughout different departments and hospitals on Core Schedule.

“Run allocations can take several days of time to set up and assign. Core Allocation provides the tools to effortlessly manage the process in a fraction of that time. Core Schedule then processes that information so that admins can easily see transition roster periods and ensure that RMOs remain continuously compliant from one roster to the next. Core Schedule has given them the tools they need to empower their teams to focus on the work they should be doing, not what they have to be doing.” - Dr Stephen C. Pool, (CEO and Founder at Core Schedule). 
Dr. Stephen Pool - CEO and Founder Core Schedule
Knowing the relevant details from the last placement and roster, for new RMO’s coming into a new department, will allow for better management and support, especially during the first few weeks in a new placement. This improves safe working conditions, un-rostered and unpaid overtime, which is an insidious problem form any District Health Board’s. The Core Allocation module works with Core Schedule to ensure that the team is setting junior doctors up to succeed with a compliant roster, thus avoiding burnout and ensuring both patient and doctor safety.
The Core Allocation module allows District Health Board’s to solicit requests, make optimal assignments, then create, publish and manage rosters concurrently with information and communications being updated in real time. Doctors can subscribe to their own roster via any iCal device so they always know where they are supposed to be. The ease it takes to manage shift and leave changes through Core Schedule and empower the RMO’s to initiate leave cover, is a considerable cost saving with the new software, which has been specifically designed to work with the additional complexities of managing junior doctors.
Core Schedule also works seamlessly with other integral programmes and departments like payroll. Safety Scan, a risk mitigation feature, ensures safe working conditions and MECA compliance when changes happen so that all rosters remain compliant and all of the team are supported to ensure patient safety.
Core Schedule are proudly celebrating this exciting milestone, the Wellington team continue their mission to keep New Zealand patients and clinicians safe.
About Core Schedule: Core Schedule is the leading provider of a suite of cloud-based work roster tools for staff in emergency departments, hospitals, medical training programs, and urgent care clinics. It was designed by Dr. Stephen C. Pool (MD, FACEM) to solve the unique problems of rostering medical personnel and now is used by hospitals, telehealth services, and clinics around the world.

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