Conporto Health integrates secure email service ‘hMael’ with Outlook

In the final months of a busy and successful year, staff at Conporto Health have recently launched a fully integrated version of hMael for Microsoft Outlook and a new hMael Windows application.

Helmut Modlik, Conporto Health Chief Executive, said he has “no doubt that our users will be impressed by the seamless experience and how much time they’ll get back in their busy days.”

hMael for Outlook is a simple and discreet addition to a user’s regular Microsoft Outlook screen. It allows a user to easily switch between their regular Outlook emails and their hMael account, all from within Outlook. No longer do users need to open new screens or switch between different software platforms. Mr Modlik said, “all it takes is one click to convert and send any email as a secure hMael message, in the same Outlook window.” For those who don’t have or use an Outlook email, the hMael Windows application – a standalone desktop client – provides a perfectly suitable alternative.  

hMael is a secure email service designed specifically for New Zealand’s health sector professionals. When it comes to sending sensitive patient information between doctors, clinicians and labs in New Zealand, hMael provides more protection than standard email services. And in an age where cyber security threats are increasing in scope, sophistication and severity, Mr Modlik says that hMael users “can be confident that hMael will reduce the risk of an unauthorised person intercepting sensitive patient information”. 

To coincide with the launch of these new services, Conporto Health is offering hMael Standard Plan users the opportunity to upgrade to the Professional Plan for 30 days,free of charge. After the 30 days is up, users can simply go back to the Standard Plan or continue using hMael for Outlook for a modest monthly charge. Mr Modlik said he was “excited to offer this opportunity for people to experience the benefits of hMael for Outlook for themselves.” 

Mr Modlik clarified that hMael for Outlook and the Windows app are automatically included as part of the Premium plan registrations (Professional, Business or Enterprise). “So if you’re on a Premium plan and you’ve been using either of these new services, we’d love to hear your feedback – please send us an email at ”.

 For those wanting to compare pricing between the different types of hMael plans, pricing and plan options are explained on the hMael website.



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