Come learn about NZ's dedicated health sector Threat Intelligence Platform

We all have experienced an increase in cyberattacks during COVID-19 and with the rapid digital transformation of healthcare it is natural the cybersecurity risks will increase and affect healthcare organisations and beyond.

We looked at ways to reduce the incident rates, response times, false-positives and to collaborate with other organisations experiencing the same challenges.

The obvious choice was using an open source Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) – MISP formerly known as Malware Information Sharing Platform, yet a tool is just a small part of actionable threat "intelligence".

This presentation will give a brief overview of why NZ specific threat intelligence is needed, insights on NZ-based malware and phishing over the last year, how we leverage the TIP to protect New Zealand organisations, risks from the lack of intelligence affecting businesses, what can go wrong, and a few Xmas wishes for the NZ cyber community.

All attendees will get an Xmas present, if the threat intel indicates a positive sharing behaviour in the past year ;). Sharing is caring, so we hope you will join us!

Food and drink sponsored by Advantage NZ and the Chapter

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Date: Thursday 10th of December

Time: 5.00pm - 8.00pm

Location: Tabac, 6 Mills Lane, Auckland

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