Advantage brings next AI security to healthcare

Cyber crime and related cyber-attacks continues to climb in New Zealand across all industries, including health.


Modern healthcare organisations present a potential goldmine for cyber criminals.Their goals range from disruption and extortion through to old fashioned stealing of sensitive data, both financial and patient, for resale to other actors.

As a whole our detection of these attacks is extremely poor – and getting worse. Data released mid 2018 shows the average time to detect a successful attack for an organisation in New Zealand is now sitting at 498 days.

Clearly what we are doing today isn’t working.

Advantage have partnered with several leading security vendors to bring a new wave of security products to the New Zealand market. One of the cornerstones of this suite comes from Cylance.

Current research is counting in excess of 300,000 new malware variants being released each and every day. Legacy antivirus products are failing to keep up with this onslaught, with detection rates often below 50% for targeted malware.For years organisations have dealt with malware infections as something that needs to be expected– this doesn’t have to be the case.


Advantage have been providing Cylance, a next generation end point protection solution, to New Zealand health care organisations for the last 12 months with incredible results.
Cylance is an anti-malware solution based entirely on artificial intelligence(AI) which turns the malware protection game upside down. Through Cylance’s machine learning model it is able to identify never seen before malware with more than 99.9% accuracy. It does this without updates, without relying on signatures and at a considerable performance increase from legacy antivirus products.

Get in touch with us today for a demo of this revolutionary technology in a live demo against your current AV solution.

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