7 predictions for healthcare technology in 2019

Elsevier’s health leadership team forecasts key trends – from big data to small data and patient data as research data

In 2018, we witnessed unexpected mergers and partnerships, robust digital health innovations and continued policy shifts in the healthcare sector. Now, we predict 2019 will bring about significant changes in health IT infrastructure, with patient data at the center of it all.

Analytics will be the mainstay as health systems strive to optimize in-house clinical data.

Given that the number 1 funding category in 2018 was data analytics, we anticipate that 2019 will usher in a variety of advanced analytics demonstrations. Many will be novel in the output generated, but the uncertainty of real-world clinical value will continue. So a demonstration of the computational capabilities will be most significant since that would open the door to a range of possibilities.

Additionally, there will be a shift in emphasis on big-data to “small-data” analytics as healthcare systems focus on leveraging existing data to improve clinical and operational processes.

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