WiHT Webinar Adapting to Change: Healthcare Technology in the 'New Normal'

June 19, 2020
Online Event

Engage with members of the WiHT Steering Group and learn about changes COVID-19 has posed for our industry and how we can adapt to them.

It is not the STRONGEST of the species that survives, Nor the most INTELLIGENT. It is the one that is most ADAPTABLE to change. (Gus Balbontin)

You might be asking "How do I (or my organisation) adapt successfully to major changes now facing the HealthTech Industry?

Come join inspiring discussions about a future after COVID-19 with your fellow WiHT members and speakers Erin Currie, Jennifer Kruger, Sarah Zub facilitated by Alison Chetwynd. All four members are part of the WiHT Steering Group and bring to the table extensive knowledge in different areas across the HealthTech industry. We will be reviewing pandemic impact and look at new creative ways of thinking and working to overcome barriers to success and data from across the country that has come from the COVID-19 response.

The panel of speakers will engage in virtual discussions focusing on these topics, leaving ample time for Q&A’s from our members afterward.

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