TUANZ Webinar: Why are we calling for a 10 year plan for Rural Connectivity

March 5, 2021
12 pm - 1 pm

A look at the output from the 2020 Rural Connectivity Symposium

About this Event

In the recently released 2020 Communique, we outlined 5 high level actions that we think are important steps to improving and maintaining high quality connectivity for people who live and work in rural New Zealand.

These included a call to support a 10 year strategic, multilateral plan for rural connectivity. But it also talks about improving the rural experience, a change to the way we fund investment, getting a connectivity register up and running and a concerted and planned awareness programme.

In this webinar, we'll discuss with several rural advocates what those steps mean and how they can positively impact rural services.

Craig Young (CEO TUANZ) will be joined by Mike Smith (CEO of Ultimate Broadband and Chair of WISPA), Claire Williamson (Board member for Rural Women NZ National) and Isabelle Coates (Primary Industry Capability Alliance and Young Farmers NZ).

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