TUANZ Webinar - “Greatest (Cyber) hits of 2021”

November 11, 2021
November 11, 2021
4:30 PM

TUANZ Webinar - “Greatest (Cyber) hits of 2021”

Over the last year we’ve seen the insidious rise of ransomware and other common attack vectors attacks across the globe and even here in Aotearoa New Zealand - with one of the most recent high profile ones taking down the networks at the Waikato District Health Board.

In a time where we are constantly being disrupted, this upswing in attacks reminds us that we need to be ever vigilant of this type of activity. In this session we’ll be looking back over 2021 at all the highlights of the year, the learnings we’re gathering and also share latest news on how we can be prepared for any attack.

The speakers will be:

Peter Bailey, the Executive General Manager at Aura.

As Executive  General Manager of Aura Information Security, Peter’s role comprises of two  key functions: delivering high quality customer service and solutions; and  helping businesses of all shapes and sizes understand the need for robust  security practices.   He is part of the  Kordia executive team headed by Group CEO Shaun Rendell.

Hilary Walton, CISO Kordia Group

Hilary Walton is  the Chief Information Security Officer of the Kordia Group Limited,  responsible for the overall security position of Kordia in both Australia and  New Zealand.  She is an Information and  Technology and digital business transformation leader, and hosts a diverse  background in organisational psychology and risk management.  She also has significant experience from  offshore roles, having worked for Mi5 in London, and the London 2012 Olympics  and Paralympic Games leading the Information Security programme.

This is a free online event thanks to the support of Kordia. The second event in this series is planned to be in person in February 2022.

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