Technology to support organisational resilience – CDHB case study

August 12, 2020

Technology to support organisational resilience – CDHB case study

12:30pm to 1:30pm, Wednesday 12th August

This webinar will share how Canterbury District Health Board’s experience of the earthquakes informed its adoption of technology to provide better organisational resilience, and how it is now working with a range of partners to help other healthcare organisations share patient and community data, transform digitally and provide access to services.  COVID-19 was an excellent test of CDHB’s tech platforms and models (such as its M365 platform and use of Teams) and highlighted the need for even greater collaboration across NZ healthcare agencies and DHBs to accelerate tech transformation.

HiNZ would like to thank Microsoft for sponsoring this webinar

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  • Stella Ward, Chief Digital Officer, Canterbury District Health Board
  • Sharyn MacDonald, Chief of Radiology, Canterbury District Health Board
  • Sarah Berger, Nursing Director - Infection Prevention & Control Service, Canterbury District Health Board
  • Lynne Stephens, NZ Health Sector Lead, Microsoft NZ
  • Facilitated by Rebecca George, HiNZ Chair

Lynne Stephens

NZ Health Sector Lead - Microsoft NZ

Stella Ward

CDHB - Chief Digital Officer

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