The winds of change are coming – are you ready?

October 22, 2019
Webtools offices, 146A Lichfield St, Christchurch

New Zealand Healthtech Opportunities Study

Invite to attend a free NZHIT workshop to discuss the future of our sector

NZHIT members are invited to attend the following important free workshop in Christchurch.

The winds of change are upon us and it's important for NZHIT members to know what's coming and how to influence and position themselves for the future.

In this regard,  NZHIT, with the support of NZTech, is leading a comprehensive study into the current state and future opportunity for healthtech to contribute to a productive, sustainable and inclusive New Zealand.

This study will result in a fact-based report to be used to highlight opportunities, barriers and risks associated with creating an environment where technology can fully enable the delivery of health, disability and social care services that we can all be proud of.

Identifying the barriers and coming up with the solutions is critically important.  This workshop provides members with the ability to feed their knowledge and expertise into the early phases of the study's development.

The Ministry of Health will also be providing an update on the National Health Information Platform (nHIP), which is an important component of the changes coming towards us all.

Christchurch - Webtools offices, 146A Lichfield St

22nd October 2019

9.45am-12.00pm (arrive 9.30am for morning tea)

The following is an overview of the agenda for these workshops –

  • NZHIT – introduction to the study, its purpose, proposed outcomes and engagement opportunities.
  • Ministry of Health – overview of the National Health Information Platform (nHIP) and key factors influencing the MOH’s work programme over the next 2-3 years.
  • Roundtable – workshop attendees to discuss and share their thinking in relation to the study, opportunities and barriers in the sector and how they’d like the study to raise awareness, showcase the market and support policy development.

Please be in quick to register for the workshop(s) of your choice as we want as many members as possible to get involved early and be engaged in shaping the direction of the study.

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