‍Smart DDoS Protection During these challenging times

September 8, 2020

Join Radware and Advantage New Zealand’s live webinar as we will cover the Critical Capabilities for DDoS Protection

In this webinar, David Malcolm – Systems Engineer for Radware, Australia and New Zealand will share how our DDoS protection service can help mitigate the largest and most sophisticated DDoS attacks ie randomized and reflective DDoS attacks, burst DDoS attacks, SSL floods, IoT botnet DDoS attacks, and other advanced attacks, helping our customers guarantee service availability and ongoing services for future.

This includes increasing protection capacity to ensure the surge in legitimate traffic is secured, safeguarding remote access infrastructure through virtual private networks (VPNs) and Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), and protecting cloudbased environments which are being quickly scaled up due to increasing demand.

Take this opportunity to join us live and ask questions.

The session will be recorded for those who cannot attend, so we encourage you to sign up to receive a link to the full recording.

We look forward to your participation!

Radware, Australia and New Zealand & Advantage New Zealand

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