NZHIT Networking Event - Virtual Healthcare Enabled by Digital Technology

July 23, 2019
4.30pm (for 5.00pm start) - 7.00pm
Spark Corporate Office, 167 Victoria St W, Auckland


Tuesday 23 July 5pm-7pm

Spark Corporate Office, 167 Victoria St W, Auckland

Virtual healthcare is increasingly being used as a broad term to describe all the ways healthcare providers interact with their patients without seeing them in person. Globally, there is a massive upsurge in the use of digital technology to enable the delivery of healthcare services in a "virtual" manner.

In fact, by its very nature, virtual healthcare and digital technology are inextricably linked and there are multiple ways in which healthcare providers are now able to engage virtually with patients. The exponential nature of technology means that the future of virtual healthcare is only going to be limited by our imaginations.

However, what really is happening on the global stage and is New Zealand falling behind?

The speakers at this event will seek to provide answers to this question and NZHIT (and the Virtual Healthcare Industry Group) is very pleased to bring the following keynotes who are at the forefront of the changes occuring in this space -

*Professor Des Gorman, Professor of Medicine in the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences at the University of Auckland. Head of the University's School of Medicine from 2005 to 2010 (see attached profile for more details)

Professor Gorman has an extensive involvement and experience across a number of different health jurisdictions (including internationally). He will be sharing his firsthand knowledge in the development and growth of virtual healthcare in the United States including the significant advantages and opportunities it is creating across large populations.

*Dr Will Reedy, Director Digital Health, Spark Digital

Dr Reedy is one of New Zealand's leading clinical and digital practitioners with wide ranging national and international experience. He will be talking about the upsurge in the likes of Australia and Canada and what we need to be doing in New Zealand to "get ahead of the curve".

*Dr Ruth Large, Emergency Physician, Rural Hospitalist, Clinical Director Information Services and Virtual Health Care, Waikato District Health Board

Ruth trained in Emergency Medicine in Auckland receiving Fellowship in 2007. She is an Emergency Physician and Rural Hospitalist working for the largest rural District Health Board in New Zealand.

Working as Clinical Director of Thames Hospital from 2012-2018 Ruth has found addressing the inequities of rural practice challenging. She has had a keen interest in telehealth since her Australian outback days and has been the Chair of the New Zealand Telehealth Forum since 2017 (see attached profile for more details).

*Evan Blackman, CEO iMoko

Evan joined Navilluso Medical as chief executive from a background working with high-growth organisations in the technology sector, including Microsoft NZ.

His role is focused on further growth of the iMOKO digital health service created by Lance and Tracey O’Sullivan, and helping deliver their transformative vision for primary healthcare.

Digital technologies have a big role to play in addressing the inequity present in our health system, particularly for rural and Māori communities, who often find it difficult to access the primary care they need.

* Karen Blake BMid PgCertHealMgt CPHL CertCplxMid CHIA RM

After 20 years spent in the health sector in both Australia and New Zealand, Karen Blake brings with her a unique insight into the uneasy marriage of health and IT systems. With experience in senior policy work, management and education, Karen now works full time as a Clinical Informatician for healthAlliance.

Don't hesitate to register as there are limited spaces available and tickets for this event will be snapped up quickly!

Please contact [email protected] with any inquiries

Professor Des Gorman MD PhD

Professor of Medicine in the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences at the University of Auckland

Dr Ruth Large

Clinical Director Information Services and Virtual Health Care

Evan Blackman

CEO iMoko

Karen Blake

Clinical Informatician healthAlliance.

Dr Will Reedy

Director of digital health at Spark


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