NZHIT Digital Enablers Industry Group (DEHIG) 3 March 2021

March 3, 2021
Clan William Health - 13-15 Teed Street, Newmarkey

Wednesday 3 March 2021

Where: Virtual

The DEHIG is made up of leading digital health industry organisations who provide software solutions and services that are "digital enablers" in New Zealand's health and disability sector. Digital enablers relate to software and services that are considered to be core and important to the operation of IT systems. This includes (but not limited to) interoperability, digital identity, security, privacy, standards, data governance and foundational systems. The DEHIG engages collaboratively across the sector to provide leadership, strategic advice and guidance, and advocate for the advancement of sustainable, secure solutions that enable the delivery of effective and efficient health and disability services. Members of the DEHIG have the opportunity to be involved in cross-sector activities with health providers (i.e. DHBs, PHOs), policy-makers (MOH) and sector advisory bodies (HISO) to provide and receive up-to-date information and knowledge

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