Hira webinar for Health IT industry and innovators

December 10, 2021
December 10, 2021

Learn about Hira and what it means for the Health IT industry and innovators

Join us to learn about Hira

The Ministry of Health is holding a webinar in partnership with NZHIT, HiNZ and MTANZ to provide the Health IT industry and innovators with detailed information about the Hira programme including opportunities for vendors.

About Hira

New Zealanders deserve a health and disability system that works in a joined-up way and is easy to access. Hira will enable this by transforming the way health information is accessed and fundamentally changing how people interact with health services.

As a first step, Hira will allow a person’s health data to be drawn together from a range of trusted sources to create a ‘virtual electronic health record’. This will ensure that New Zealanders and their health providers have easy access to up-to-date and complete information, in the right context and at the right time.

Over time, Hira will become an ‘ecosystem’ of secure and trusted data and digital services as innovators build new data services and functionality. This will enable joined-up delivery of health and wider social services and catalyse the development of new, digitally enabled models of care.

Webinar outline

• Operating context and health and disability reforms

• Hira overview

• Programme timelines

• Tranche one deliverables

• Vendor opportunities

• Commercial framework

• Questions and answers

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