HINZ - eHTV Webinar of 2021 - Digital Equity

March 10, 2021

Digital Equity - bridging the divide

12.30pm to 1:30pm, Wednesday 10th March

This webinar explores the concept of digital equity and inclusion, with panellists addressing the four key challenges of access, skills, motivation and trust and how they apply from a range of perspectives including cultural, disability and gender/ sexual orientation.

Speakers will discuss the foundations required to achieve digital equity and what role we as individuals can play in creating the shift needed to focus on equity. Also, how will we know when we get there?

HiNZ would like to thank Spark Health for sponsoring this webinar.

How to connect to the webinar

  • This webinar is free for anyone to attend.
  • Register once for the series and get access to all webinars live and on-demand.

About the Expert Panel

Webinar facilitated by Rebecca McBeth, HiNZ News Editor

Webinar participants are:

  • Will Reedy, CEO, Spark Health
  • Matt Shepherd, Senior Lecturer,     School of Psychology, Massey University
  • Jason Myers, CEO, New Zealand     AIDS Foundation
  • Jonathan Godfrey, President,     Blind Citizens NZ
  • Kim Connolly-Stone, Policy     Director, InternetNZ
  • Webinar facilitated by Rebecca     McBeth, HiNZ News Editor

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