FLINT Future of Work Conferences 2020

November 11, 2020


What is it?

The Future of Work conference offers over4 hours of panels and presentations over the one afternoon (1pm - 5pm). It is provided free by the Technology Users Association of NZ as part of their future leaders programme. Speakers are a combination of local and national individuals on topics such as the future of leadership, how and where we will work, digital identity, inclusivity in leadership and the future of technology in areas such as health and AI. We finish off the afternoon with networking drinks following the event.

Why should you attend?

We know that while things such as talent and skills will still matter, to be successful individuals must feel empowered and inspired by their surroundings – especially given the flexible and diverse nature that work will likely become. Remember it’s 4 hours of free professional development as well as the opportunity to meet and engage with others.

Dates and Cities

Wellington - Wednesday 11 November 1pm-6pm

Auckland - Tuesday 24 November 1pm-6pm

Hamilton - Thursday 26 November 1pm-6pm

Christchurch - Tuesday 1 December 1pm-6pm

We want to focus on the need for globally aware and empathetic professionals,  while still sharing some exciting technology developments with you!

Our topics will include:

The future of your identity

The future of the gaming & streaming experience

The future of technological equality

The future of where and how we’ll work

And more...

Join us on the afternoon of November 11th for discussions that dig deep into the ways that work is evolving. We’ll be pulling together a strong line-up of speakers from some of the country’s leading organisations, and asking them to share with you how their organisation is changing in line with one of the major themes above. We’ve also asked them what their advice would be for you to embrace the change and transform with it, so come along prepared to learn!

The event will start at 1pm on the dot and will be finishing at 5pm followed by networking drinks.

Register and check out the programme by clicking on the above links for the Future of Work Conference nearest to you today!

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