Christchurch NZHIT Networking Event

December 6, 2018
December 6, 2018
5.00pm - 7.00pm
GreenHouse, 146A Lichfield Street, Christchurch Central

NZHIT networking events are designed to provide the opportunity to connect with colleagues in the health sector and find out about the amazing things being done to enable a healthier New Zealand. There is a lot of really smart, innovative work in health care happening right under our noses and we want to be able to expose these to a wider audience, discuss potential collaborations and develop opportunities for growth.

Staff and managers of NZHIT member organisations and invited guests are welcome to attend at no charge, whilst there's a nominal $25 cover fee for anyone else who'd like to join us for the evening.

This is the final NZHIT networking event for 2018 and we're looking forward to catching up to wish you a Merry Christmas, thank you for your support throughout the year and look forward to a productive 2019.

Thursday 6th December, 2018

5.00pm - 7.00pm

GreenHouse, 146A Lichfield Street, Christchurch Central

NZHIT Members - Free
NZHIT Invited Guests - Free
NZTech/Tech Alliance Members - Free
Non-Members - $25

Many thanks to ChristchurchNZ for their support that enables us to hold this event at their venue.

Keynote Speakers:

DR TYLER BRUMMER - Chief Scientist of Mycare

Dr Tyler Brummer, Mycare

Dr Tyler Brummer was the co-founder of WeVisit before it merged with Auckland based technology company Mycare in 2017. Dr Brummer's background is perhaps not what you would expect. He is a PhD trained ecologist and statistician who ventured into social connection work as it's human behaviour that needs to change to impact the environment.

Tyler leads much of the innovation work at Mycare that always begins using human centred designed and the principle that technology should cultivate real human connections. He also leads the customer success team at Mycare and the Christchurch based operation.

As a young leader in health, he loves learning from others and looking at what can be done at the intersection between science, health, and community.

Tyler's talk will share his journey from ecology to community based homecare and the lessons each sector might do well learning from the other.

STEVE VLOK - CEO & Co-founder of Celo

Steve Vlok

Steve Vlok is CEO and Co-founder of Celo.

Celo's mission is to connect healthcare professionals around the world and save lives. Ineffective communication among healthcare professionals is one of the leading causes of medical errors and patient harm. It can also result in increased length of stay or increased resource use.

Developed by healthcare professionals from the ground up, Celo is a healthcare communication tool that has been specially designed to ensure ease of use in a range of healthcare settings. From big hospitals to small clinics, Celo helps healthcare professionals communicate better.

Steve and the team at Celo are working on connecting healthcare professionals around the world so that they can better manage their patients, co-ordinate care and deliver better outcomes.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact

Dr Tyler Brummer

Chief Scientist - Mycare


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