AI in Health - BioBridge Workshop

November 11, 2021
November 11, 2021
1:30 PM

A Trans-Tasman collaboration to discuss AI and machine learning in healthcare

About this event

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is based on the idea that devices can replicate human decision-making and Machine Learning (ML), human learning behaviours. AI has now been adopted in many industry sectors such as finance, telecommunications and more recently law. However, its ability to change the way healthcare is delivered attracts the most interest and promise as well as being controversial.

This workshop brings together a panel to explore some of the areas where AI and ML are being investigated to help transform healthcare delivery and possibly solve some of our biggest health challenges. Healthcare providers drown in data today and spend much of their valuable time reviewing patient information. Imaging studies that used to produce a mere handful of images are replaced today with thousands of digital images per study. Yet, what overloads healthcare providers is where AI thrives – the ability to process large amounts of health data and surface patient information that can have the potential to help healthcare organizations improve both productivity and quality of care.

Join us for this free, virtual 2-hour workshop where invited speakers across New Zealand and Australia will share the initiatives that are being developed in our research communities and major hospitals. Our panel will discuss what they have learnt in the development of AI and machine learning technologies, its validation and implementation. Following a panel discussion, we will have a Q&A discussion to explore top of mind topics in research, application and commercialisation of AI and machine learning.

Workshop Presenters


Prof Mark Parsons -

Assoc Prof Paul Middleton -

New Zealand

Assoc Prof Robyn Whittaker -

Prof Gill Dobbie -

Q&A Panel

Jean Boudaud, Director, Head of Medical Devices / IVD, Australia, Pharmalex

Will Hewitt, co-founder and CEO Heartlab -

Workshop Agenda

1:30 pm - 1:40 pm NZDT/ 11:30 am - 11:40 am AEDT


1:40 pm - 1:50 pm NZDT/ 11:40 am - 11:50 am AEDT

Prof Gill Dobbie - Using Machine Learning to Support Decision Making

1:50 pm - 2:00 pm NZDT/ 11:50 am - 12:00 pm AEDT

Assoc Prof Robyn Whittaker - Governance of AI Use in Health Services

2:00 pm - 2:10 pm NZDT/ 12:00 pm - 12:10 pm AEDT

Prof Mark Parsons - Opportunities for AI in Medicine

2:10 pm - 2:20 pm NZDT/ 12:10 pm - 12:20 pm AEDT

Assoc Prof Paul Middleton - CEDRIC and CAKE: Sophisticated, Linked 'Big Data' Platforms

2:20 pm - 3:30 pm NZDT/ 12:20 am - 1:30 pm AEDT

Panel Session and Q&A - w/ above speakers in addition to Will Hewitt and Jean Boudaud

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